[20 M] Eamedo's Diary

There is really strange matter about the effect of relapsing on physical performance … I remember between day 70 and 75 I was progressing at the Planche (( Calisthenics (((similar to Gymnastics ))) movement …You can Google it)) quickly and efficiently without problems and it was unexpected that I could progress to advanced progressions in a short time with less training(( Cause it usually takes at least 1 year to master))… Then at day 86 relapsed 87 , 88 same I lost control at that time… after that i’ve reseted the counter but I’ve depressed because my progress at the Planche faded away as it didn’t happen before… I couldn’t hold the beginner progression at day 3 to 5 … Now I keep training hard to get back my progress and keep the counter rising… So it’s wondrous how I’m trying hard now to achieve what I’ve achieved with less train and effort when I was in higher streak ((HardMode)).


First wet dream in my life at day 62 hard mode … fortunately I didn’t waste the semen retention and have managed the situation. :joy: :muscle:

Msg to the 1st goal of this journey:
(My dear ((Day 100)) I am coming as fast as possible nothing will stop me even my mind won’t) :joy: