1vs1 challenge group on telegram

This group will help you find the better version of yourself. Now, what is different with this group, you might ask. For past 1.5 years, I have been practicing nofap and have made many good streaks but at end, I am back to day0 (not to say square 1 coz I have achieved a lot). And I have noticed that whenever I had a good streak, it happened when I was involved in some or the other kind of competition to be better than the other (basic human instincts). So I thought, why not exploit this nature of us human beings and use it to achieve nofap goals. So guys, I give you a 1vs1 arena to be better than others in noPMO.

A while ago, I started a “Challenge a companion” group with similar motives, but this is an advanced version of that. Here, we will not only challenge our streaks, but our hobbies as well😎

If this seems exciting, join us via :-

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