1st 30 days and I remained unbeaten

This is day 30. Let me tell you what I experienced on my maiden streak till this day. First week ,it was harder to handle urge. Our body takes time to adopt new routine and that’s why when we begin new streak it’s always harder to cross count till day 5. When you cross day 7 then handling urge will becomes bit easy. This is like batting in test match. You have to save you wicket in 1 hr. Of the game. When you become set you can play more easily.:blush:. So this will be easy till you won’t get any arousals. Do not edge and also do not take your day count that serious. Treat each day as day 1. When you cross 15 days you may start leaking some semen with urine. No worries that’s fine and natural. Crossing 20 to 25 day you may start experiencing lucid dreams.By2 now time you become that enough trained to handle urge. I would suggest you one thing here, before the urge will increase it’s level intensity, take your control and patience more upper level. About ■■■■ addiction, actually it stopped thinking about it and never felt to view those shitty stuffs again. Si I hope this will help you guys. I will share my experience again after completing 50 day streak. Till then stay healthy , stay unbeaten.


You are a legend bro.
I have not seen many people here completing more than 30 days but they never share their experiences. You are a great man.
Share your experiences. So that it may provide motivation to us.
It is a great post. Share more about the changes you did in your daily routine and how your life changed from day 0 to day 30.