(18M) Rewire user's Journey

Nice to hear that! @rewire_user all the best buddy :+1:


End of the Month - September
There was nothing much I started to learn coding I started learning C++ but then switched to JAVA coz I didn’t know how to use VS Code and I found IntelliJ IDEA easy to use and my code is working perfectly fine in it !
So, I continued learning java
Now I am thinking that Python is the best but now first I will finish learning java and then I will move on to python
Then comes the admission taking part and that’s the end of the month


Don’t Lie about your progress to your parents or Close one’s

I want to admit something which I realised might be my one of the biggest mistake due to which I was unable to make it to through the exam
I was in Kota when I first lied about my studies to my parents I was able to understand everything and I was doing pretty good in studies but I wasn’t solving problems all that homework we used to get I thought it to be a lot and I never bothered to do it in first place and I just focused on what’t being taught in class and never focused on problem solving and then when the reality struck Mock test was conducted and I wasn’t able to perform well in that and thinking my parents would scold me I became a victim and I started to act like I worked my ass off and still wasn’t able to score because of the hardness of the paper
I blamed the hardness of the paper which was an excuse to get the sympathy of my parents ; My parents didn’t pressurise me to any extent they became so supportive since this was the first time I went outside my hometown to study and then I kept on lying playing with their feeling and not studying hard enough to make any changes not analysing my mistakes or anything just lies lies lies to feel like a victim of this hard curriculum

And I repeated the same mistake again after coming back from kota ; whenever I wasn’t scoring good in mock test I act like a victim I have spent approximately 3-4 years in preparation of this exam I went to kota very early in 2019 and here it’s end of 2022 and I didn’t scored good enough even after 2 attempts
I was able to score decent due to my friend Samaranjay’s advice to give mock test more frequently
He has advised me the same even before but I didn’t paid it much attention but I did in the end phase of my preparation I started giving easy mock test I didn’t care about score which would make me depressing and that got me out of the fear and I thank @Samaranjay for it ! Thank u Man

But what u and I can learn from here is analysing your mistakes is very important ; If you are not scoring well then there is no problem with the system or anything stop acting like a victim because there is someone who is scoring well in that test in your coaching or institution so stop making excuses ! Fucking stop making excuses and come out of the victim mindset don’t think you are weak or don’t make yourself weak through your words even your lies can impact you subconsciously !

I still wish if I didn’t lied the first time to my parents when I was in Kota and behaved like a victim then I might have looked into my weakness and worked on it ! I sometimes think very weirdly if my parents would have been strict I wouldn’t have gotten into this victim mindset and might have studied there but this is just another lie those who have strict parents they wish for the opposite, But I regret a lot playing with my parents money and wasting it in so many coaching and everything

I really wanted to tell someone about this I am feeling so bad about wasting time and wasting a heavy amount in my studies Indian parents can spend any amount if that comes to studies of their children and It’s our responsibility to not make them fool because eventually we are making fool of ourselves !