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If You Win, You Live. If You Lose, You die. If You don’t fight, You can’t Win. The only way to Win is to Fight :fire:

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I have been addicted to this shit from the age of 14 and I look back and see, how happy I was, how good my hair quality was and the glow on my face, But this addiction has taken everything away from me. I am miserable not able to focus on my studies, lost weight, No social life, Always irritated, No mood to talk to anyone. Nobody feels good around me anymore. Just want to be trapped inside and do nothing. This thing has taken our freedom away. I am willing to give my everything this time. To achieve Freedom, I will keep moving forward until all my enemies are destroyed :fire: Beyond this addiction is what the real freedom is, You can do anything and get successful with hard work and persistence and nofap will be the pathway to success, It will give you the energy to work like hell. Fck these urges, I am just gonna ignore all of them, This addiction has ruined me and I will take back what is mine and utilize the potential inside of me. Staying Busy is the key, doing unproductive things when urges strike, Providing dopamine to the brain from other good sources like watching Anime is the best method to tackle urges. I would rather waste 1 hour of watching anime than to spend 3 days in regret of relapse

Stay Strong Everyone :muscle: , Join me in this Journey of achieving Greatness. And leaving behind mediocrity, I am in control. I control my actions and thoughts.

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Highest Streak - 20 Days

Working being able to make the right choices is what make us different from any other specie. Don’t make the choices You regret later :triumph:
The only way to win is to Fight, Tatakae Tatakae (Fight, Fight) :fire: Good Luck my great companion, You all are warriors. Stay Strong :muscle:

Beyond this slavery, is what real freedom looks like, Freedom :blue_heart:

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Next 10 Days Target

:arrow_right: Haloalkanes and haloarenes
(complete with Practice) :watch:

:arrow_right: Chemical Equilibrium

  1. Theory almost complete
  2. Practice Gud questions

:arrow_right:Chemical Kinetics

  1. Theory Almost complete
  2. Practice gud questions

:arrow_right: Alkanes

  1. Theory :white_check_mark:
  2. Practice gud questions

:arrow_right: Alkenes

  1. Theory :white_check_mark:
  2. Practice

:arrow_right: Ionic Equilibrium

  1. Theory not done
  2. Practice

:arrow_right: Redox

  1. Theory left
  2. Practice

:arrow_right: Electro chemistry

  1. Theory left
  2. Practice
    (For electro additional 5 days can be added)

I will try my best to achive.
Last date of this : 17 /01/2021
Work like hell !


Progress Towards Goal

  1. :white_check_mark:Completed two lectures of Organic (Yesterday)
  2. :white_check_mark:Doing Solved Examples of Physical Chemistry (Today)
  3. :watch: Complete Whole Chemical Equilibrium
  4. :watch: Practice Chemical Equilibrium by NA.
  5. :watch: Complete 2 lectures of organic
  6. :watch: Complete Chemical Kinetics 2 lectures left.

Daily Goals

Let’s achieve Greatness !


Brother @GOVIND-19 I counted my calories intake in Healthify me app. And Also it’s a great app thanks for suggesting me. It has all the foods stuff to select. I counted and I was found out to be

645 Calories in a day.

Is this Gud, bad, average or horrible ?
Coz I don’t know, I just think I have eaten enough
What do you say brother ?
Will follow your advice. Also, I don’t wanna do workout. I am getting thinner and thinner. I want to gain muscles first. Also, my body started to pain.

Thanks brother for the Help.



Im sorry today i didnt get any time to study due to collage and tuitions so, i started studying from 7:15


It’s wonderful to see that you are making good use of the app! But yeah, 645 calories a day is really bad. That’s like one meal for me honestly!:joy:

But yeah you should eat a lot more. You can use healthify me to help you gain muscle. Go to you profile and change settings to gain muscle. Update your details like height weight age and daily activity. Once you do that the app will suggest how much you should eat per day to gain muscle. Just hit that calory target everyday and you will slowly gain muscle!

And also you have understood the concept of working out all wrong. Working out is not just for losing weight, it’s for gaining muscle primarily. I’ll tell you how it works:

  1. Say you worked out your chest today, and you did like 20 pushups or something and your chest muscles are sore as fuck. That means you have torn enough chest muscles. Now how muscle building works is that once you tear a muscle fiber, your body repairs it with extra muscle to make it bigger to prevent it from tearing. Then the next time you work out, you tear it again and your body repairs it even bigger. That’s how muscle building works!

  2. Now in order to build muscle, you need to eat protein. Typically one need to eat his bodyweight worth of protein to maintain muscle. Lemme explain.
    Take me for example, I weigh 75 kg, so inorder to maintain muscle mass, I need to eat 75 grams of protein a day. And to build muscle, I need to eat 1.5 - 2 times my bodyweight. That’s 120- 150 grams of protein a day. Now don’t stress over how much protein you eat just yet.

  3. Now the body will only begin the body building process if it finds you in a caloric surplus. That is if you eat more calories than you burn, that’s a signal to your brain that ok it’s enough to build muscle so let’s do it. Similarly if you are in caloric deficit, that is if you burn more than you eat your body signals your brain to lose weight.

  4. Now the last aspect you need to consider is rest. You need to rest the muscle group you worked out for atleast 24 hours to repair and build muscle.

Now ideally, here is how it should work for you, this is just an example.
Step 1: you work out your bisceps. You tear the muscle fibres in the process.

Step 2: your total calory expenditure is 2000 and you eat 2300 calories that day.

Step 3: since there is a caloric surplus, your brain signals the body to repair and build the torn muscles bigger and stronger than before. So it uses all the protein consumed that day to build muscle.

Step 4: you rest for a day or two without working out your bisceps, giving the muscles enough time to repair. And after 2 days you work out your bisceps again and the process happens all over again.

I hope you understand whatever I’ve said so far, in simple words, your calory intake per day is too low, you need to work out and eat much more calories than you burn, which will result in building muscle. Now if you want workout routines, I’ve already posted in another forum but I can share it here as well if you want.

And finally about muscle pain, after working out. Its very normal to have muscle pain and soreness after working out. It simply means that your muscles are torn and is being repaired. My body is sore all the time. You just have to keep going until you get used to it. Now if you read my diaries you would know that I met with a bike accident yesterday and Ive hurt my left knee. So I can’t workout my legs, or do cardio or play or do anything that involves legs. Hell I can’t even walk properly. I was in no mood to workout because of the Pain but then I saw a video by one of my favourite YouTubers, David Hammond. He is the one who inspired me to do nofap. What he said in the video inspired me to workout out even though it hurts. He said and I quote " THE MOST ALPHA THING A MAN CAN DO IS TO PURSUE HIS GOALS WHEN SHIT HITS THE FAN" I’ll leave you with the quote, if you have any questions, feel free to ask


Thank You very much for it.
I would ask you for a little more help.
Please do share exercise video for skinny guys or you can say for beginners.
For me workout means running,skipping rope and pushups.
I would like to build muscles.
I will try to eat more.
Will tell my progress tomorrow.
Thanks brother, For this guidance All this time I was in a wrong belief that I eat a lot.
This time I will make a change.
Now, I will become the best version of myself.


Bro I read ur starting post and I don’t think Uneed to go to gym , u need to eat like hell and gain ur weight as ur weight is too less according to your age group people … Ear chicken and eggs , I think it will help in increasing weight .


Thanks brother for it.
Will try to follow it.
Keep posting brother in your diary, everyday.
Fix a time and post everything in your diary.
You are a great fighter brother.
We are all together in this war.
Let’s give our best shot.

2021 is Mine.


I have noticed one thing why no maths and physics in this ?

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Brother, My syllabus is incomplete I was doing everything by myself. And was not going according to coaching. So, I am stuck haven’t touched organic and inorganic.
Will try to do atleast the 12th class part.
Doesn’t have a gut to do a single mock test.
Once open a mock test of previous year.
And closed it out of fear. Because I was not able to do any question


Good, you should focus on completing as much syllabus as you can, don’t stress out just give your best each and every day! All the best

And go to sleep now, you have to beat tiger tomorrow :joy:

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That’s what I was thinking, was waiting for @Dean_Ambrose reply !

Out of likes :cry::sweat_smile:


Bro @Samaranjay is right just focus on Quality and not on quantity

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Imma head of now, good night brothers, all the best for your day tomorrow

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Yeah that is also equally good brother

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But as I am seeing @rewire_user has aimed at completing chemistry topics and most of the questions from chemistry are straight forward, so he is heading in right direction

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Ok good night , I hope we 3 do well in our exams :innocent::innocent:

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Thanks for your advices brothers.
Will go to sleep now, !

Good night :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

Wake Up determined go to bed Satisfied.

Work like hell.