[18M] KING'S Journey 👑

Before I start yet another streak let me tell you all my miserable addiction story.
I was around 12 when I found a SD card at my home and I as a child inserted it in my parents phone what I found inside it was p**n videos. I watched them It was the first time I was encountering this thing. I watched the videos for some time then out of fear deleted them. When I was 13 I got to know the word nde then I used to search it and see photos daily as that time internet pack was limited so good that I can’t see videos. These things killed the innocent me and I tell you I didn’t know how to msturbate at that time so I would randomly get naked and just watch and my pnis used to get wet, in this period I experienced the most nightfalls because i didn’t msturbate so it is obvious that there will be a nightfall. I was an athelete in this age period 12 to 15. When I used to watch normal health videos there were many people asking in comments on how to get rid of pmo addiction but since i just experienced ‘p’ not ‘mo’ I used to make fun of them like it’s not an addiction i just watch normally it doesn’t need any will power. I got my personal phone when i was 16 one day while watching n*de video i automatically ejaculated this was the first time I experienced orgasm and it was heavenly (I had to clean the mess afterwards :p).

And then came the darkest period 2020 lockdown I figured out how to masterbate classes were happening online all day free time. I used to m*sturbate twice daily in this year. I thought it was natural. It sucked my energy drastically Pimples worsen, Dandruff worsen, Hairfall started, Digestive issues, dark spots, eyes number increase and many other problems you are aware of. In 2021 I got to know about nofap been trying ever since. It’s been 8 months I am following nofap correctly. Have relapsed many many times. Highest streak at once was 15 days because sheer will power. In NNN I got the new highest streak of 19 days but dumped it and got into chaser and ever since can’t make a straight 1 week. Now whenever I relapse I feel my Heart burning not emotionally but Physically Yes my heart pains because of fapping now.

TL;DR: I am King I am gonna Win.


I am going to start my New steak from today 4:30am (not relapsing) and I will try to get to Day 7-14 with only will power as The easypeasy book has said you can’t create big streaks only by will power you need a mindset and routine. I will be Reading the easypeasy book and will be posting crux of every chapter (not everyday).

Simultaneously I will keep studying, and chaging habits one at a time I have already reduced my youtube consumption for this NEWPIPE app does its job. So that’s it will meet on the other side of the zone.

My Sharing code: hrqsqw (just in case someone needs to track)

And join me on forum there I will post my daily reports " KING’S JOURNEY " :relaxed:


शुभ सोमवार

आप सभी का दिन शुभ हो।

हर हर महादेव


Day 1 completed

-No Urges
-Busy with studies


मंगल मंगलवार

आप सभी का दिन मंगलमय हो।

जय बजरंग बली


शुभ बुधवार

आप सभी का दिन मंगलमय हो।

जय श्री गणेश

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Day 2 completed

  • no Urges
  • went to a function so no study
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1 Week Completed

1 Week with no Urges no Orgasms no p no boner(just 1 morning wood) feel like my pp not working but nevermind it is the subconscious mind which is saying so. Will start exercising in 2nd week as I have gained some strength now.Hope you all are also winning in your respective life’s. Ba Bye

हर हर महादेव (Praise the Lord Mahadev)


Kahan hain aap