[18 M] Purity's Chill life Journal

I see, hope you did well at your exam.

Learning new and more things is always good. While in school i learned webdesign, php programming with mysql for myself. I opened my first business with the age of 18 and used search engine optimization to generate passive income using selfmade websites.
If i would start again now, i would chose python as programming language too. But as my brain isn`t too good with mathmatics, i opened a second business, and closed the first one 2 years ago. I am doing ecommerce now, while still having a regular, quite well payed, job. My goal is to grow this business to be able to live where ever i want, and quit my regular job. I am doing well…the goal is coming closer and closer. The biggest gamechanger for me was getting up early. I woke up at 3am to work on my own business. I started this 4 years ago. Now i am at 4am, but still keeping on working on my business, and it is paying out!
Never give up your dreams!


Brief of Today - went outside came home, Ate, talked alot to someone, don’t want to get attracted to her though…she teases me, didn’t do much work…at least I didn’t get any urge today!

I am going to sleep! Though it’s 1:36 am, i haven’t relapsed in night.
From now on i will message here before sleeping that i haven’t relapsed!

Secondly from tomorrow onwards i will sleep early!

For now i will wake up by 7:30 around in morning and update my To-Do list.

Thank you guys!! :zzz:


To-Do April 16
Bathing and getting ready :white_check_mark:
Cold press + binaural beats :white_check_mark:
Learning LinkedIn- digital marketing etc 2:00-2:30 :white_check_mark:
Going to bank for account query 2:30-3:30 :white_check_mark:
Learning MySQL 3:30 to 5-30 :x:
Going to park 5:45-7:15 :x:
Exercise :x:
Finding an Internship :x:
Binaural beats and Meditation (pre-evening and night) :white_check_mark:
Learning SIP and Trading 7:30-8:30 :x:
Buying and Reading a good book :x:
Playing games :x:
Sleeping by 11:30 :x:

Calorie charts -
Breakfast - 600 + calories :white_check_mark:
Then snack - 250 calories :white_check_mark:
Lunch - 500+ calories
After park - 500 calories :white_check_mark:
Eggs - 385 calories
Dinner - 400 calories :white_check_mark:


Idk i had no motivation today, i felt tired after doing some of the work and spent my whole day at home.


Don’t worry, tomorrow will be a brighter day!


Thank you so much! :)) I feel better now! More motivated


To-Do April 18
Bathing and getting ready
Cold press + binaural beats
Learning LinkedIn- digital marketing etc
Going to bank for account query again
Learning MySQL
Going to park
Binaural beats and Meditation (pre-evening and night)
Learning SIP and Trading
Reading a Book
Playing games


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Sorry for not updating for a while

Okay so here is a summary i went upto two days before RELAPSING.
I want to get out the chaser effect, fuck you chaser effect, just see me coming out of your cycle of relapses.

Demon, u better hide…I’m pissed off

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To-Do list 21st April

  1. Waking up By 8 :white_check_mark:
  2. Meditation + Binaural beats
  3. Cleaning work :white_check_mark:
  4. Exercise :white_check_mark:
  5. Getting ready. :white_check_mark:
  6. Form filling :white_check_mark:
  7. CA part 1 :white_check_mark: 2 :white_check_mark: 3 :white_check_mark:
  8. Binaural beats
  9. Park - 5:30 -7:00 :white_check_mark:
  10. Gym - 7:00 - 8:30 :x:
  11. Sleep by 11 (gonna sleep with my parents, summers so i can give the reason of AC, electricity saving):fire:
    Blocker for night 12-8

PS. If i reach day 30, i will date her :wind_face::heart:


Day 1 summary, had an evening urge but i managed.

Right now its night around 11:40 and i am having urge.
So I will just listen to binaural beats and talk to friends and sleep in some time!

You can try Devil, i ain’t gonna loose :wind_face::heart:


Update - I’m doing good, 4 hours left in completing 2 days.

Felt urge in evening but i managed. Will work hard on myself, all god’s grace.

We ain’t gonna give up brother.

And you my dear Devil, hehe I am gonna make you cry trying to convince me to sin, still i ain’t gonna give up.

Regards ~ Purity11 :heart:


Going to sleep now 2 days complete!

Have some work tomorrow.

Have to wake up by 6 and get ready by 7 and reach a place by 8.

Good night guys

To-Do April 23

CBR - 1 (130 pages each approx)
CBR - 2
CBR - 3
CBR - 4
CBR - 5
CBR - 6

By evening 5:50

CBR - 7
CBR - 8
CBR - 9
CBR - 10
CBR - 11
CBR - 12

By night 11:50

Eat alot of healthy food
Intense exercise for 2 mins every half hour while preparing

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Day 3 of recovery, felt urges after waking up to a nap on afternoon.

Did bath, ate, and finally studying.

Though sometimes the urge comes but i have my ice to hit that urge while preparing



Day 3 gonna complete in 3 hours.

Feeling a bit irritated, not because of urge though…
Studied…will study more.

Sleeping early, gonna wake early, have to study.

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Exam went well, though i relapsed after that, went 3+ days.

Starting again, gonna be fun this time, aye aye.

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Word file

  • Eggs

  • Milk
    Practicing (somethin’)
    Meditation and Binaural

  • Syllabus pace up

Sleeping by 11:50
Waking up at 5:30
Morning meditation + exercise
Getting ready for college

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Relapsed (・_・) Reason - I was alone.

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To-Do - March 12
Was in college till 12:40 pm (studied hard)
Enjoyed with friends till 4 pm (now going back home when i writing this to-do)

Things left to do

  1. Cost sheet❌
  2. Lifo fifo weighted Average❌
  3. Business environment - according to syllabus❌
  4. Project work❌
  5. Presentation Making❌
  6. Bike driving❌
  7. Html and CSS❌
  8. Classroom of the elites❌
  9. Milk❌
  10. Water✅
  11. Meditation and Binaurals❌
  12. Sleepy by 11:50✅
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Went safe yesterday, though didn’t do much of the things cuz i came late home and was tired.

Will try to do the above today

  1. Cost sheet
  2. Lifo fifo weighted Average
  3. Business environment - according to syllabus
    Project work
  4. Presentation Making


  1. Html, CSS, JS
  2. Trading and SIP


  1. Classroom of the elites
  2. A S
  3. Nofap Motivation

Healthy Habits

  1. Meditation and Binaurals (15+15 mins)
  2. Sleepy by 11:50
  3. Getting up by 5:30
  4. Exercising
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