[17M] Sikandar's Journey


Monday 14 January 2019, today is the day of Markar Sakranti (an Indian festival), today i feel that in order to be more effective, i should write a dairy. I start watching porn and do musterbute when i am in 8th standard, now i’m in 12th standard, i start my nofap journey from September 2018. I failled many times, my highest streak is 29 days. But i never give up.

I was initally not good at studies but i work hard in 10th standard and i got 1st position in my class and 4th position in my school. Now i want to do same in my 12th class, but i’m start realising that porn and musterbute waste my precious time. Hence i wanted to quite PMO completely. I don’t like to think about that…

I share my everyday experience in short, i don’t wirte too much because i want to give more time to my studies…:writing_hand:

I want to thank all the members of community because i get motivation from all of you.
Thank you friends:pray:


My first goal is 3 DAYS:writing_hand:t2: I slowly increase the no.of days. I move step by step.

THE WAR BEGINS:crossed_swords::crossed_swords::crossed_swords:


DAY 1 COMPLETED:mega::mega:

Yesterday was a stressful day, but i keep my mind in studies and complete 1 day.

Now It’s DAY 2


Today i relapsed 2 times, i can’t believe i do it just after 1 day. I’m alone at home, urges continually came to me and i …:pensive::disappointed:But nevermind, i will be back.:crossed_swords::crossed_swords:

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What happened brother? :fearful: You just started the war again! :crossed_swords: What will you do when urges come to you on day 50? Day 100? Day 300?

I had urges yesterday on day 57. I was on YouTube and my mind was telling me to watch a documentary on pornography. As you go higher in days, the urges change and try to find new ways to pull you back. You cannot escape the urges, you must challenge them. People say ignore them or go do pushups. Will you ignore a fire burning down your house? Some days you don’t feel like doing pushups, what then?

I said NO! I told the urges, why settle for a censored documentary on YouTube? I told them that I will watch whatever video they want me to, but I gave them conditions. The video must make me feel happy afterwards. I will not need to reset my streak. I will not need to feel ashamed in front of GOD, my family, my friends and companions. It must be worth it. I told them, show me that video and I will watch it with you. The urges RAN AWAY in fear, they had no good answer for me. I chose to keep going, I chose the benefits of this new life, I chose my future.

You are a mighty warrior! Don’t be an elephant afraid of a mouse. Don’t run away from the urges - stand and FIGHT!

I want to see you on day 32 when I reach Day 90. We can both do it, GOD willing. It’s time to break your highest streak! Let’s fight together.

Rise again Sikandar, stronger than before.


OMG your words made smile, wow that is such a good way to look at urges when they come to you. Once you think of the results of your doing you will immediately stop. Same thing with my startegy, as soon as I think of the consqunces the urges disappeare.

And good luck skinder take @Forerunner advice it will help you with your journey. Best of luck.


Bro, Alexander was villain. Change your icon to Chandragupta Maurya and see the difference.


Thank you brother, yours words are wonderful!!! and i am stocked that ‘what i am doing with my life!!!’
I feel motivated and happy that you all are with me guys…:blush::blush:
Thanks bro for your words and i really work on it…
Love you brother @Forerunner

I will broke my highest streak as you said:facepunch::facepunch:


Alexander was the man who conquered the world
It does not matter that he was i villain, i love his STRONG DETERMINATION TO WIN

Many worriors have dream to conquer the world but only Alexander prove it true

The world considered him as a villian but he was my HERO


He was not able to conquer complete world. Also, with this mentality, you will never do anything good in this world. You will always remain a fapper if your mind is this much toxic.
Haan, Rasjasthan to hara diya tha usne :joy:

DAY 1 COMPLETED:mega::mega:

Now this time, i will go ahead, not look behind🧗‍♂️🧗‍♂️

This time i don’t care about the urges, i will fight them and move on…

I will show that i’m not a boy who just spoke, I’m the boy who does!!!:crossed_swords::crossed_swords:


For every person other things work better.
My suggestion is not to think too much about fapping.
Do your staff instead. Study, do pushups when feeling urge. Take a shower everyday, becuase you’re the only person who takes care of your body. Smile to people.

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DAY 2 COMPLETED:mega::mega:

Today i feel like low energy and mental stress. I have no urges and bad thoughts today.

I do my work and studies and i also stop reading newspaper for somedays because it contain many bad advertisements.

Only 1day left to complete my 3 days challenge.

Now it’s DAY 3


DAY 3 COMPLETED:mega::mega:

VICTORY NO.1 (3-DAYS):golf::golf:

Today’s is a good day for me and i have’t feel stress. I give much time to my studies because i have to score good marks in 12th board examination.
Day after tomorrow my pre-boards are starting, so i’m preparing for it also.:writing_hand:t2:

My next goal is 7- days :crossed_swords::crossed_swords:


DAY 4 COMPLETED:mega::mega:

Today there is a small party at my house, so i’m feeling very tired.

I don’t think about fap and nofap, i just keep on going, do my work and take rest.

I have to travel a long journey, it is just beginning,i hope will achieve my goals. :medal_sports::medal_sports:

3 days left to complete my 7 days challenge.
It’s Day 5…


Thank you all of you guys for supporting me but…