1750 days of trying - 5 day streak, looking for accountability. 25yo/NYC

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Current streak - 5 days
Highest streak - 33 days
Age - 25

Hi all - been working to improve myself since late 2017 and throughout all that time I’ve only surpassed 30days once. Wondering if part of my problem is a lack of accountability. I just recently discovered this status / follower feature on the app and I think at the very least it’s a great start. I think helping someone else stay accountable will also be greatly beneficial for my own journey.

At my current pace I’ll hit 30 days exactly at the end of the month - it’s always fun to have round number land on significant days, makes it feel more attainable.

Been struggling a bit this morning so thought I would give this forum a try.

I’m based in NYC, 25 years old, working in finance.

Happy to chat, let me know.

Hi there,
I would be happy to keep in contact
Me and annother companion on here are looking to make a small group of 3 or 4 guys on messenger ot somthing if you’re intrested

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