(17 male) I feel pain around my groin area and my balls

You’ve read the title.

Hey dudes, I’m 17 (male) and after not masturbating in 4 days I suddenly have this kind of painful feeling on my balls and around the groin area.

I feel like I have to ejaculate in order for this pain to disappear.

Should I or should I wait for a couple of days and it might go away.

Does it come and go if so then u might be having blue balls

Had you edged ?

Treatment :
Cold Shower

No matter what, do not ejaculate!!!


Edging is non-disciplined act

I think you misunderstood. That’s why he’s asking. Edging can cause such pain.

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It’s probably because you were edging. Edging always lead to blue bells which is the pain you are feeling.

I understood it. I am only saying so :slight_smile:

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Did you know what varicocele is? Maybe you have it…

Nope, I did not. Maybe its all in my head. :frowning: