16yo 11 Days Report/Effects

So in the past 11 days Ive felt somewhat confident ( though distinguishing this between actuality or a placebo effect is hard ) im able to talk to females now and even look people in the eye hell when i used to be an asshole im oddly not. I user to make fucked up dark humour jokes but now I dont do them as much as I did. Though every time I get urges ( i started off on hard mode and have only relapsed once ) I start feeling bad. I feel like I let myself down and have failed. Which I found to be Odd. Ive watched videos that say the benefits of NoFap are all a Placebo Effect that do work in a way for the better and have constantly for the next 11 days reminded myself that its not a placebo. Long Story Short. This challenge has its Ups and Downs at the 20-30 day mark ( which im confident ill make it to either one) ill go on Easy Mode.

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