163 days streak GONE, time to get back on feet

Hi all.

At friday last week I reseted my 163 days streak after a bad date.

I thought that every date will be good, but oh boy I was wrong. Although it was not actually bad, but weird. We had few things in common, but we did not say proper good bye, she rushed to the bus, convo were not fluent as I had on a few past dates. Overall weird, not bad, not good, but it put me to awkward position and I lost it. Then I lost it 2 days after and today.

After a relapse I did not felt regret or anything, I was like “nothing happend”, but then 2 days later I started to realize that I relapsed and well as I can lost only 2 days instead og 150+, it is fine. But actually, its not fine. I did not lost all of that, I still can maintain good convo, trying to loog in the eyes of people who I think are nice (not to all), its just in my head there is this little voice telling me that “you cant do that”, tbh I dont even know how I could achieve 163 days. I had no perticular goal. I overcome boredom while were locked down for a month with covid and just one “weird date” and I lost it.

Well I guess it was inevitable. It is what it is and I cant change it now. I need to realize that and start over. I am hoping that I will not relapse soon and I will get back again since NOW.

If someone wants to add something, encourage me, share something, feel free to write :slight_smile:

If someone wants to be comapnion, feel free to add your code here. I think I need one this time.



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