(15M)The Journey through Fire-Sholt's⚡ diary

2022 is here, Happy new year guys.

I will improve this year

I last fapped on 31st december at 3:30pm.

My 2022 resolutions :-

:point_right:t2: Have a great streak
:point_right:t2: Workout atleast 6 times a week to have a good physique before my birthday
:point_right:t2:Remeber god before sleep and after waking up
:point_right:t2: Study harder (atleast 5 hours a day)
:point_right:t2: Do any activity after every 3 hours
:point_right:t2: Attend school daily(this is the toughest thing tbh)
:point_right:t2: Do every possible thing to grow taller
:point_right:t2: Stop procastination (i won’t run away from my responsibilities)
:point_right:t2: Sleep before 11pm
:point_right:t2: Wake up early
:point_right:t2: Meditation at least 5 minutes a day(slowly i will increase the time)
:point_right:t2: Train myself to be stronger
:point_right:t2: Enjoy every moment of my life

That’s all. I will try to update diary everyday.

My name is ̶̶i̶̶n̶̶s̶̶p̶̶i̶̶r̶̶e̶̶d ̶̶f̶̶r̶̶o̶̶m mixture of 4 characters -

Sho yamato

Valt Aoi

Peter parker(Spiderman)

Ben tennyson

I don’t want to be like someone, i am just desperate to find my true self.

I will improve. I am going to unlock my true potential.

That’s all ,thank you and have a great life


Yessir the man of the hour . You lead the way and we will follow as the disciple’s staying loyal to our purpose to one another as men . To be disciplined in a world of accepted pleasure but to suffer in silence.


3 january 2022

Day 0

Relapsed today thrice once around 1 am, then again at 5:30 am and then again at 11 am. I woke up at 10:30 am :man_facepalming: , actually i woke up at 9 am but i didn’t want to go to school, so i slept again, and again i woke up after 30 minutes, i wanted to sleep but i wasn’t feeling sleepy, all this because my father would have scolded me cause i wasn’t going to school, that’s why i was waiting for my father to leave for his office, i was just rolling on the bed for an hour and as he went down stairs , i left my bed and started the day. I was planning to study for atleast 8 hours but i wasted my time on discord(playing games), and on yt. Then i talked to @risinglion123 , i was feeling motivated and refreshed and i managed to study for an hour. And also I joined an organization led by the amazing guys (they are lit :fire::fire:). That’s all i guess my father is coming, see ya.

Good night.


Finally… u are back!


Do you know me? :upside_down_face:



He’s @Harn08 and @fapstronautharn and zenal phantom and others :joy:
He’s got almost 100 accounts


Fuck :joy::joy: , i thought @Hyphaleronin is his new account.

True :joy::rofl:.


Yeah bro :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. And you are back too.


5 jan

Relapsed twice and watched papaya too. Played games and and was lying on the bed whole day. So yeah that’s it for today lol.

Hail hydra.

Good night.


7 January 2022

Relapsed today twice,I am relapsing everyday since last 4 days. And yeah i got my first dose of covid vaccination yesterday. I was so scared, i started to sweat, once i holded his (that uncle who was going to give me injection) hand and my father said “shanti se lega, nahi toh ek pad jaayega aaj”, and he started to laugh, then after 5 minutes of their effort, he injected that injection and i felt nothing . Last time i got an injection after my accident and i felt that pain (and why tf everyone says “chitti jaise kaatta hai waisa hi feel hoga” ) , but next time i will take that injection without any fear (if that uncle will come again, lol). Studied for an hour, i can say my today was better than yesterday . I am going to sleep today earlier cause i want to fix my fucked up routine.

Hail hydra

Good night.
Thank you, god :pray:.


Title of your sex tape

Hail hydra!


That’s something fucking awesome man.
Vaccine I mean.
Mine was supposed to be yesterday but I got a fever. Nothing serious, just staying up late, completing projects till 1AM and then going for workout at 6.30.
Plus acidity played a major part in making me sick. :mask:


bruh :sweat_smile:, you won’t be able to workout for some days now. Don’t be stupid :joy: ok?
working out is awesome but compromising sleep is never worth it.


Ye man I know :joy:
I think the fever will last for max 3 days, i.e. it shall be gone by tomorrow.
And as for the workout part, I’ll just do extras after recovering :smiling_imp::sunglasses:
Hail Hydra.


:fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

good good, take care, get well soon


Thanks bro.
I will recover fast :smiley::smiley:


Get well soon brother.


Lol, i haven’t used the word inject or insert in that post so that , any sextaper can’t say those reactionary sentences. But i think you are becoming a legend in this. Just kidding,:joy::joy::joy:, please don’t mind.


Title of your sex tape :joy:


Heck, lmao :joy::joy::joy:

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