15days challenge

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Am looking for an accountability partner who is willing to go on a 15days challenge with me and after the 15days challenge we will jump to 30days and so on if interested add me on ur sharing code and i will do the same


Hi. I’m interested in this

Hello there I would be interested in joining your challenge, I know it is tough dealing with an issue of this magnitude but admitting there is a problem is the first step, please add me by using the sharing code below.

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Age: 31
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I’m also interested… Here is my sharing code 0baf34

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Let’s do this. My sharing code 097e3b

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Interested, lets do this. 8dfcc5 is my sharing code.

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Inspired by this, I am creating a 15-day Challenge. I will be adding you all.

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@idrisa12sumareh your code is invalid.

Dude add me my code is ee9773

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