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I didn’t think I’d get this far, 5 months, kind of just want some encouragement and validation right now about this achievement, because it is that, it is an achievement and i just want someone to acknowledge that.


I personally think it is a huge achievement! But what do you think?
It sounds a bit as if you aren’t really sure about it?
what are you unhappy with?

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I as well think that it is some amazing achievement, I think that you have been hugely strong in these 150 days. But what valuedoes my aknowledgement have if your own acknowledgement does not have any? :slight_smile:

Be happy and proud of yourself mate, because you have done what others feel impossible to do!!


I don’t know, I know that it is a huge achievement, but I don’t believe it was a necessary achievement, that i could have made the choice to not do it, to not relapse, but that it was too hard. There’s still a lot of shame tied to it, that I’m not happy with the choices I made to relapse in the first place.