15 days completed... Target is 500 days

15 days completed successfuly… Its easier, please take a step to remove this evil practive from ur life… Feel the difference…

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Buddy, just saw your other post where it says you’ve reached day 22+, great job. Keep it up.

One thing I wanted tell you is don’t jump directly to a day 500 goal. Telling you from the experience of being on nofap journey, completing a 365 and on the forum for over 2 years I’ve seen many, those who set their goals unrealistically high such as 365 or straight away 1000, fall within a week, a month or less than a reboot

Although a highly ambitious goals can give you sense of greater responsibility and feeling. But don’t, set just a single goal to reach the destiny, instead set minor goals, & keep accomplishing them.

Nofap is always about practice. Start with small goal of 30 days first. Reached there, reward yourself. Then a 90 day reboot. Accomplished that too, congratulations you’ve completed the most important phase of nofap, reward yourself. Then you don’t need to worry much about the later days. Completing 90 days takes a lot of courage and bravery, which involves beating urges Everytime. This becomes almost a lifestyle during the completion of a reboot. And you won’t even put as much as efforts as you would during the initial days to fight urges. This means your mind is adjusted already.

Your next goal is a 365. And trust me after day 150 things would be a cake walk, but don’t forget to follow all those precautions you still need to take such as avoiding strong rated stuff that might trigger you severely

Once you’ve reached a 365. Congratulations, you don’t even know why people watch po*n lol. You’ll have your own life sorted out without porn. And then days are just numbers that won’t matter that much. The life of joy, happiness and freedom.

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