15 days challenge

Hi everyone, this is the diary where I will post all my thoughts about this challenge. The limit is 15 days because then my gf will come to visit me, and i Don’t want to give up sex.
It will be really hard for me. I’ve never last more than 2 days without relapsing. But this is the first time i try it with a diary. I hope it will give me strenghth enough.

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It’s 5 pm of my first day, and i didn’t masturbate. I felt some moments of boredom, and from boredom came urge. But i didn’t touch myself. For the first time after many months I did some physical training and exercise. Now I go to work, so i’m safe. Next difficult moment will be tonight before falling asleep (i live alone).

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send me your code. I want to track your progress.

Hi, i’m sorry I don’t know how to find my code

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Send me a message on WhatsApp. I will teach you step by step.

+55 027 988526169 :trophy::fire::blue_heart::up:

I’m going to sleep,and i’m not going to masturbate. First day is gone. I hope I can stay strong also in the future days!

Bro I am also starting with you
Let’s take no fap to the next level

Yeah! I’m happy to know that you’re starting too!
Morning was very difficult, i had a natural excitement. But i didn’t masturbate. I feel a bit scared thinking at all the days that I have to face. But I remind myself of all the benefits and joy of not falling in my addiction

Guyz help me also. Today is my 1st day

I’m with you man! Try to write on this page everytime you feel weak! Putting down your thoughts could be very helpful

This was day 3,and I relapsed.
This morning I wasn’t focused, and while I was checking instagram, I ended up madturbating.
I’m happy that it didn’t last hours (usually for me it’s almost 3 hours, edging, edging, edging) but only 30 minutes.
But I can’t be proud of myself.
I still am happy that I am on the road, and that I am conscious of my problem and addiction.

So,this is day 1.