15-Day Nofap Challenge

No Porn
No Masturbation
No Orgasm

@David.Copperfield 9779a5 Day 0
@jgotti310 3f8c2d Day 1
@kunal.anant8/kunal_rewire 0baf34 Day 4
@Earth_guy/Tagir 097e3b Day 0
@FrozEnd 8dfcc5 Day 0

Added all of you. Let’s reach 15 days this time.

Thanks for the add I hope we can all get thru this challenge together. I am here for support if anyone needs it, please don’t hesitate to ask, I always find it best to keep busy with hobbies to endure your mind will be in the correct place

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@David.Copperfield Thanks for adding me… We will surely accomplish this goal… So best of luck to all of us

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hey bros,add me in that mix

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