14days of nofap journey

Longest nofap after a long time. I should keep doing this ahead. I wanna reach day 30 of my life. Coz I never hold my urges this far in my life. I’m excited to see the magic in ahead of my life. It’s been 14 days since I watched the porn last time. I’m proud of myself and happy. But today I felt bad in the morning.

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The mountain is too high. I suggest to drop the extra load, helps in climb.
Let go of urges. Let them go. Its only you and the climb.

Flatline. It is temporary. Get ready for such experiences again & again. When 1 flatline ends, 2nd can come, its like healing in installments.

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Yep, 14 days is a crucial phase. You really have to fight now at least until Day 90 with very disciplined determination and will power.
There are all kinds of traps such as flatline, forgetfulness and sneaky arguments from the ego. And also temptations from sudden energy boosts and confidence highs. These are tests that every adept has to overcome during his initiation.

It’s useful to stick to daily habits now and arrange some responsibilities with fellow Brahmacaries in order to keep determined. Also from a calender kind of standpoint one can use this time to keep the streak phase till 2021 as a milestone.

This crazy year of global changes has really shaken us up, but it’s also the best times to grow beyond. So it’s 74 days left, if you master that you will have an amazing Kickstart to 2021!!

Keep pushing and growing.


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Am I facing flatline. ?.coz since October 4 I never had boner

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