14 days feelings. My new high score

I’m not worried unstoppably anymore.
More confident in making choices.
People are smiling when talking to me and also a lot of random people talk to me willingly. A girl asked to touch my hair (I don’t know why and what’s happening).
I sleep 8 hours instead of 11-12.
Parents seem to be less worried for me.
My voice is a lot different from what I had just 10 days ago.

But one feeling is there still. I still don’t want to live. Because this was not easy and is not going to be.


I’m on my 8th day and I’m experiencing the same things (not the “touch hair” though). My record is 20 days and I assure you that the benefits will get better and more intense. Just keep going bro, you can do it :fire:

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Keep going brother. Wish you the best in this journey…


Life is not interesting. Day 16.

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