13jcouto's Diary - Day 27 thoughts and struglles

Hi, my struggle began some years ago, when i had my firs real girlfrien, i loved her but some times i just.can t have a boner, but after that episodes i run back to porn and jack off. And tha keep going, i start to avoid real girls, and fap everyday to porn. I had more girlfriends, and the ed didn t go away, i thought i was gay or something, but i am not. My problem was a heavy drug name s porn, i get so addicted to it, ao much use that i need stronger doses, i simply get resistances to anything erotic , the last drop was 1 month ago, i tried to have sex with a really hot girl and i didn t. I was relaxed and stuff bit i just can t have a boner. So i quitt porn and fapping to restor my libido, i feel with too much energy right now. It s really hard to stay away feom PMO, but i feel my libido growing again, i feel more a man right now. I m quitting porn and fapping to life.


Stay strong bro nofap will change ur life for the better

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Yeah your testosteron is coming back do not go back to porn its bad for us men

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