12 relapses a month

Is 12 relapses a month bad?


Depends upon person to person. Example -If someone relapsed everyday in a whole month 12 relapse is a sign of progress


Only 12 relapses a month? :joy:

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Yes. That is my monthly average since i started this addiction.

I have not improved

You are missing something Allahu Alam

Ive only had 3 relapses during this year.


Thats awesome.

Could you please help me get past my cycle of every 2 to 3 days?

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Better than me…I’ve had 46…

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Better than me i had 39 in 13 days.
Total is way more…

You should read easypeasy, I went on a 4month streak after first reading it and before that I couldnt make it past 7 days, its an amazing book and pretty much the solution to this whole thing. The admins should post the link to it on the front page… so many who still dont know about it

easypeasymethod.org is the site, its non profit

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I did @NukePizza

It didn’t work for me. I had the opposite effect. The book made me relapse more

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What helps me is praying every day. As soon as I get up I give thanks to God for giving me another day and I pray to him to give me strength and help me to continue on this journey. Hope it helps you too :heart:

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It’s come to my observation that the relapse rate of teens who are on this forum and teens in general is WAYYYYYY higher than older people.

My guess is that its the hormones and high testosterone levels we have during puberty.

So i think it’s just that we expend more energy on MO than on other stuff … And thats because our generation has got the privilege of internet, and we don’t NEED to actually find jobs to support or families or something if that sort.
We already have all of that. We don’t acknowledge all of that.
That’s our problem…
We’re at the experimental stage…(easypeasy itself said so :joy: )
I wouldn’t say its normal and fine to do it but I’ve started to think that I don’t wanna force myself into nf. Like It’s a choice. We need ensure we enjoy other things as well. Afterall NF isn’t the only thing matters right? :joy:

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I think i had 15-16 but 5 of them were in only 2 days

It depends…

How much did you use to relapse before? Is the average decreasing?

However, for me nothing but completely quiting PMO is acceptable.


For me, I have not changed my monthly relapses.

It has not gone down for me.


you read it fully, slowly, without jumping chapters?


I read the chapters in order

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Do you think reading it again will work?

Because I never found the answer myself.

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you could give it a try, if you read the book slowly and think about each information before you read on, it will be absorbed by you properly