11 relapses in March

Ok. 10 is my average relapses in a month.

March I tried harder and had 11 relapses.

Nothing I tried worked.

Opinions please


Detach yourself from anything sexual


Bro, do you count days. I mean use any counter apps, etc

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I count the days. Yes.

Dont give up my man. A winner is someone who never give up. I think you should always keep yourself busy and always avoid being alone.

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So this time stop counting days. Mark your starting date in an calendar or in an digital calendar and see how you go this time.
Also switch tasks. Believe me, it works.
When an triggering content comes, quickly switch it or move from that place.\

Try these 3 steps this time and do comment how much you reached.

I relapsed 22 minutes ago.

No problem bro, next time don’t relapse. Try to identify what triggers you and avoid it

Being on my phone starts it all. Yesterday i avoided my phone untill 11 22 am and had no issue.

Today as soon as I woke up I went to my phone. By 11 am i was on a P**n site.

Do not make quitting PMO, the focus of your life. I bet you have a goal, quitting PMO should be a byproduct of striving towards your goal. When you focus too much on quitting PMO, that’s what you’re thinking about all day and it makes you prone to relapse. But when you’re busy with your life and work, you naturally start doing better on the PMO front.


The problem is there is nothing to keep me busy.

My life is extremely boring and I have no goals and I can’t find anything that is a goal.

Do You have a job? Any source of income?

I start a new job tomorrow.

Just doing paperwork and introductions. Tuesday the real stuff begins

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@Vortexkicker If you can be free for a day, you can be free for a lifetime.

You have been free for 4.5 days before. Which means that for 4 mornings, you had access to your phone, you woke up and you didn’t automatically roll over and search for pornography. You are a human being with free will, you are far more capable than you are giving yourself credit for.

You do not have to give in to every urge and impulse which enters your mind. And thank God for that. Heaven forbid you had the impulse to start masturbating in public or molest a woman on the train. To say nothing of urges to engage in other addictions like binge eating or alcohol or drugs.

Urges are thoughts. They have no power to make us act besides the power we concede to them. We always have the ability to say No and make a different decision. Every single time without fail.

The only reason anyone relapses, has relapsed or ever will relapse is simple: in the moment of temptation, they desired to give in and use their drug of choice instead of being abstinent. There is no other reason for relapsing, anything else is just an excuse or rationalisation or justification.

You would benefit greatly from increasing your knowledge on addiction, as well as a healthy routine of positive habits and self-discipline.

My humble suggestion would be to watch this video - it is 40 minutes of the most powerful knowledge on addiction recovery I’ve ever come across on YouTube:

Some excellent advice was shared by this YouTube channel from the NoPMO legend Gabe Dawg who achieved years of abstinence and coached others on how to succeed:

And read this book - the Easy Peasy Method which many on this forum have read with varying degrees of success:

Exercise, healthy eating, working towards your goals, cold showers, get disciplined and get happy. There is no joy or peace or stress relief in PMO. We look forward to seeing you finally kick that vortex bro! :leg::stars::milky_way:

Best of success with your new job!

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I read Easy Peasy 2 years ago. It didn’t work. Nothing in the book helped. Because of it there were days I relapsed more.

I’ll check out the videos when I can.

Thank you for your message. I greatly appreciate your words.

I will brag about my success if or when it happens. All I know is that tbe first day I tried my new method which was yesterday, I did not relapse. Which means it worked.

Hopefully I can apply my success more. My job should help too because I will be in one of 5 different towns or cities each day.


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