100th day streak of meditation

I decided to start meditation practices before I accepted the challenge of NoFap, and today marks my 100th day of meditation! I just tried it until it becomes a daily habit. My anxiety, depression, negative self talks and everything with bad vibrations become less each day. I beat myself up before, I see myself as a weak piece of shit, that I am not enough, hopeless and miserable. I really wanted to die because nothing in my life seems good. Everyone and everything is doing good in their own lives while I’m stuck here, I only bleed just to know I’m alive. But everything has changed, progressively, as days go by. Now, I see life and things differently. I can proudly say to all of you that I love my life, I want to extend my existence here on Earth because I have a purpose, I am important, I am enough and everything I feel is valid. I understand people. I forgive people. I forgive myself. I clearly understand that everything in this world changes and I must manage the change. I know there are many areas of my life still to improve but I’m positive that everything will fall into place in due time.

Guys, meditation improves your whole well-being. It also helps you to be mindful, relaxed and genuinely happy despite the challenges we face in our everyday lives. I hope I can apply my meditation learnings in this No Fap journey.

This post is my affirmation that I already won this battle, I only have to earn it. And earning starts today. Go for the gold. :trophy:

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What kind of meditation would you recommend?

I’m using Simple Habit app from the Play Store. The app has 1000+ free guided and unguided meditation but I can give you a code for free two weeks of the Premium version, if you want. Meditation helps me a lot. It also helps me to control my urges by being mindful and being in control of my emotions. :blush:

I have already tried out simple habit. The reason I asked is, apps like those tend to have meditation for everything it seems. Appears a bit inauthentic to me.

Inauthentic in what way?

I can also recommend daily meditation. I recently passed 150 days of meditation streak, and I feel a lot better than I did. Obviously it’s not a magic bullet for all your problems, but it can play a part in finding perspective in your life and in taking a step back from your daily struggles.

Ok will start daily again. Hope to see similar benefits