1000 days war. Andythepro65 war

This will be where I go to reach 1000 days it will take a while but I will always comment here until i reach it. After all this been extremely hard but if you guys can do it then i can too.

I will never give up i will enbrace every pain.

Day 0::white_check_mark:


Day 0: no fap war. Who knew ill take this long to ever get back. And no way of being successful this was my only way out.

Anxiety: :white_check_mark:

Music: :white_check_mark:

Games: :white_check_mark:

Depression: :white_check_mark:

Happy: :white_check_mark:

Relax: :white_check_mark:

Energy drinks: :x:

Exercised: :x:

A new start is here.


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