{1000 Days No Peeking Compounding Challenge} Open for all 🙏

Ok… Bro great… Keep going … Again Congratulations for 100 Days Streak :blush::+1: is this your highest?

@SincereDev I have started the challenge again brother.


Ok welcome @Forerunner :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

So You again resumed from 1 may?

Ok I rectified it and updated your progress till May 4… Maintain Discipline for today and earn +5 for 5th May :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is my highest streak going on

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Bro @Nep1234id download this app…:arrow_down:

And listen it for 10 mins…

It works for you when u feel stressed and urge to watch p.rn

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Explore this app @Nep1234id it has various categories… Listen for just 10 min… At minimal volume with earphones


Check-in :white_check_mark:

Day 5

I will Keep Moving Foward until RCB wins ! :fire::clinking_glasses:

~ Sono nawa Eren Yeagaa
(And his name is Eren Yeaga)


Day 11 check in :white_check_mark:… (20 words limit ignore this text)

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@Aoshigreen you belong to which country?
You are on this forum from 2018… That’s good…

DAY 3 :white_check_mark:

points = +3 point

I am Unstoppable now


@nofapstar123 do you wish you continue from where you left?

after somedays bro!!!

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@Roads_to_purity are you wish to continue this ? Your last accountability status was on 2 may

Bro I’m not interested in this challenge…
I’m strictly prohibiting fapping habit and touching of d##k unnecessarily

I’m not turned on by po*n anymore but my brain has taught itself that it’s a film :sweat_smile::movie_camera::movie_camera:
Nothing :rofl: to take it seriously…
Since I don’t feel urges after watching,this challenge is somewhat lame to me. I want something more challenging to myself

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Great bro… Keep moving and achieve what you want :+1::blush:

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@Aoshigreen what’s your status of 5 May? Is it clean … Yes or no?

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@rewire_user I’m updating your score till 5 May assuming that you maintained discipline on 5.

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Remember guys @Enu @The_wild_perception @rewire_user @Prox @Aoshigreen @Adioz_aka_Adidas @adulrakha @Forerunner @shivansh.bansal this challenge was Based on Date Wise…

Date is Standard Format irrespective of your individual Streak. For example understand from my example if I didn’t intentionally watched any arousing content on 7th May … My score of that date was +1 … For Next date ie 8th May it was +2… and so on… And Suppose I watched on 9th May then score was (-3)… Date Duration was 00:00 to 23:59 … Obvious to all

And Guys plz update by oneself in Post 2 with that respective date… It’s so simple forget your individual streak…just Stick to date… It’s very hectic for me to enquire about it . I don’t want to bother all of you.
Some guys were updating wrongly and some was not updating at all

Don’t Take pressure shame or guilt for this challenge. Consider this Thread as a safety Valve to prevent Relapse. It means whenever we tried to open arousing content our brain should aware of all this and don’t lost further
I gave that 1000 days because I’m not discontinuing it near future. It doesn’t mean u all have to report for 1000 days
This Helped me to cope my Daily addiction to just 4-5 instances after 10 April


Thanks a Lot Buddy :handshake::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::pray:
Had a wet dream, last night. Might be a sign of recovery.
I will keep moving Foward ! :fire:


Again read it I made some tweaks…
Could I remove 1000 days in title?

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