100 Day Challenge

I was flourishing at 100 days. Driven and motivated. I was in control and really enjoying life. Then I crumbled after a stressful week. I had scheduled too many things. I overreached myself and arrived at a breaking point.
Now I feel empty. I desire to be consumed by the fire of passion eternally. Join me
First milestone 100 days. This is no simple feat. All are welcome yet this is an invitation yo the serious. Take my hand and burn with me

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Current steak - 2 days *
Highest steak - 300 days *
Age - 21
Gender - M
Location - JA

Why I want a companion - Being able to see another’s counter is likely to inspire us to not give up. To not fall behind. To make better decisions in our progressions forward. This is a battle I want brave people beside me.

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Add me
My code is 6f4efa
Currently on day 8

Damn dude your Highest streak is amazing …
Would u like to share your experience ??
Im a newbie here and 8 days is my highest streak ever😂

Added. Your presence is greatly appreciated.

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I am ready for your challenge.

Lol. I remember the days when I first started. It would progress to a few days and then crumble. This was constant until I found a real core reason as to why I’m doing this. An aspect of this for me was my girlfriend at the time I wanted to be at my best for her. However you also have to consider that I only had the courage to intrest her in the first place when I was off porn.

The social benefits are skyrocketing. Once you reset at 90 days it becomes easier overall. You don’t constantly think about watching porn. It’s just not a thing. You are living. It changes your mindset.

However if you fall you lose that momentum it can feel crushing. However it inspires you to get up and keep going.

Also your each of your actions has the potential of inspiring others. Think about why u even bothered to read any post in this forum. The emotion you felt that inspired you to ask me that question.

Your doing this for more than yourself


Thats great
You are inspiring.

Please add me : Rusty922 23e8c4; days 5

Added. We are in this together

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add me too bro
code - ccec0e

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bro wat else benefits u get beside social ?

The main benefits are a clearer mindset that and just an upsurge in confidence. It allows you to do anything you desire. Basically you just believe in yourself. For e.g. those moments when you doubt urself. That’s done. You just do.

Now your human and you will have low points not associated with porn.

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I read on Google that some people undergo 2nd puberty and physical changes also some people say that even at the age of 23 they grew their height ,some wrote they grew their Jaw bones but all that stuff is medically not possible ?? What do u say @TheOba1
None of that stuff is true …ryt??

That’s hilarious. Given that you won’t be draining your testosterone levels constantly then I presume that you will be able to gain more muscle mass. I’m muscular atm but that is also due to spending my time exercising instead of masturbating.

Everything else sounds abt garbage.

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Failed today after 54 days streak cause the fucking YouTube’s videos thumbnails ((There is a
lot of triggers in social media generally)) :disappointed: … The good news that I’m very ready this time to kill this habit for ever . Learn from the past, Apply in the present and Create your future. :wink:

I’ve Added you . My code is : 4188a5

Indeed. We have to learn to avoid the pitfalls and keep going. I’ve added you.

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Add me bro .My share code is 156e4f

Added. Welcome to the path of life, Let’s walk and enjoy the scenery.

However in cases of Ed induced by porn. You will recover. Your hormones will be balanced allowing your Dick to be in a healthy state.

Everyone that is doing this challenge please indicate the following in your status:
Participant of the 100 Days Challenge :fist: