10 days. Yay!🥲 Tips needed for upcoming days

I have reached day 10th. One more time, please can you give me some tips. What to do after 10 days to fight the urges.


Remember, you passed day 5-7. That’s when your testosterone is at its peak. Now, remember you achieved a hard part, so you have the strength to continue another hard part. Everyday is day 01.
Stay busy. A mind that is busy doesnt focus on what is not good.

Next one week is going to be dull… If you are a music lover rely on that… Next one week will be dull mixed with brain fog…
Spend time with others don’t sit idle, get tired and keep yourself busy… your brain will crave for dopamine… !

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Thx buddy. I will make sure that i will be busy but exams are going on. Till 28th dec

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