10 clean days today - I'm happy

I don’t even remember when I had such a long clean streak. Must be years! It’s not even difficult any more. The first day was toughest. I installed porn blockers on all my devices then, started a new audiobook, maintain a busy to do list and schedule every day.

That keeps me going through this never-ending lockdown. In Ireland where I live, the perimeter where we can move from the house was set to 5 kilometers on the second day of Christmas. This restriction is going to last till 5th March, so it’s similar to a house arrest, except all 4 million residents have been arrested. I saw my friend a year ago, my parents in August 2019 last time, as they live on the continent, so we’re cut off. Even neighbours don’t want to come to my house any more as it’snforbidden. At least I have my wife and kids, so not so lonely. Could be worse. Many lonely people, especially in the countryside, choose suicide.

It’s going to be Spring soon though, and there is lots of things that can be done for my family and for myself. I want to get rid of porn and masturbation for good as it makes me feel down, drains my energy and can kill hours of daytime or night time, leaving me a zombie the next day. Wish me luck so :). I’d like to write with you and support you, so we’re accountibity partners and online buddies. I’m in my 40s but the age is not too relevant! I’m new to this forum and hope to motivate & stay motivated.

Stay clean!


Congrats :clap: on being 10 days clean! Keep pressing forward. Make your wife and kids proud.

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