1 year (365 day



Well… i want to earn Rs. 5000

I accept your challenge.


@roshith844 do you know what would be even more fun?

Invest those 5000 rs in bitcoin, currently 0.0099 BTC and in a year, who knows what value that’s going to have in RS. Then maybe it will hurt more to transfer those BTC to someone else :wink:


I have beaten you.
You relapsed after making this Topic.
Proof :

Now… show me the money. :sunglasses:

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Sadly bitcoin is not legal in India I think


well @roshith844
I am ready to start up a challenge with you
Just this time We are not going to relapse atleast for a year From the time you accept the challenge and then if you relapse You need to give me something else which I demand for instead of those 5000 rupees
It is not something very risky so there is no harm for you in accepting that
and it also doesnt involve personal interaction so no harm in that either
Dont worry Just Accept the challenge and post telling that you have accepted it

I accepted ur challenge

You ready to strike up a challenge with me brother?? :smiley:
Personal challenge

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Ok it’s better to lose from a legend than winning from a noob

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Count me in… bro.:heart::heart:

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Yes bro May Allah give u power to control ur urges :blossom::sunflower::rosette::cherry_blossom:


I am not still a legend brother
But thx anyways :slight_smile:

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You have Relapsed again.

Now… Give me Rs. 5000 as promised.

It must be raining money to you. Guys anyone else doing something like this challenge count me, I’m gonna make a fortune out of this…lol

Even though I really appreciate the gesture you made to stop PMO by risking your money. Unfortunately betting in this addiction just won’t work. So unless you’ve got millions laying around and not your hard earned money I would advise you to move into a different plan.


He is a Fraud.
He has left the forum.

Alas ! Anyway… You see… How bad is this addiction.
He made this post and said… i would not do it for a year.
Next thing you see …
3 hours later… he jacked off.
He didnt replied after that.
Now… again after 3 days this guy… creampied himself.
He thinks he is a Kgf… he will go in the territory of nopmo… kill the monster and become the powerful man… but this happens only in movies.
This is life.

I have sucked my own shit many times. So many vows … Broken… So many promises broken. And still pmo is making me dance.

I have realized that we should not make such vows. It doesnt work like that.

We are sunk so deep in a shithole… that it is going to take a hardcore dedicated effort to climb out of this.

We can do this… Yes.

Sorry bro… if i have hurt your feelings. Forgive me.
I am just ranting because i too made such foolish vows which i broked.

Stop vows … & such drama.

Just Keep trying again & again.
Learn from your mistakes.
Improve them.
Time will teach you all kinds of tricks to become successful.

Keep Going.
Give this amount to this app.
Contact Taher and help him to develop this app.


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