1 Day at a time challenge

I feel asahmed to tell but i have never been clean for more than 14 days
Some days its easy and some days its difficult
Also i have developed anxiety issues for about 6 months which i learnt abojt recently
So when i set big targets i become more anxious and relapse very frequently
So i just want to take one day at a time
So if any 1 is willing to accompany me in this journey would be helpful to me
Just one request
Dont tell what streak u r on
I just want u guys to type
one day at a time success
Coz somewhere when i see others streak i start conparing myself which is wrong but then one thing leads to another and anxiety increases
So thats why this challenge
Thank you


One day at a time is whats most important. More power to you


Thanks a lot buddy :purple_heart:
More power to you too😁


I am here to accompany you buddy. Today i am not masturbated.


I think you are soo serious to stop masturbation bud. One think i wish to say is even if you masturbate everyday for once or somedays more and have decent diet, no problem at all. Dont take this nofap shit soo seriously. Instead start focusing on your work. There is nothing wrong with masturbation man. Just start to build new habits and work on them seriously. Over time you will find your anxiety decrease. If possible leave this rewire companion for some time and start working on other areas of your life. If you masturbate thats okay, then just relax and start focusing on your work. Thats better for you now. Once you have necessary habits which make you feel happy and achieving something then you find yourself less involved in masturbating. Have a vision and work dedicatedly. Create a plan for next 3 days and work. Then create a plan for 1 week and work hard. Then for 2 weeks and work even hard. Slowly slowly your confidence will built on. Do as much as you can, accept it and then try again and again. Ask why you are doing that action often and motivate yourself and work hard man.
Again i say, There is nothing to be ashamed about fapping. Just very normal and natural. Focus on your work more, built a solid routine. Slowly slowly you find yourself fap less and less. You need to find other ways to be happy then only you can able to leave fapping. You can try terrace gardening, travelling, walking , talking with good friends, cooking, fashion, petkeeping, helping others, eating good food, making money, achieving something little etc etc which relaxes you(try more things one by one slowly and find when are more happy) . And also do your work/goals to survive and feel good. Little by little , one by one. Within 1 to 3 months you are alright . You can do it bud. Come on. This is the right time.

Not fapping have some benefits bud, but its dont going to affect you when you are fapping, so cool. Anxiety of yours is due to unnecessary worry and shamefulness that you cannot achieve a certain streak. what award you gonna get by achieving certain streak? In search of benefits, dont hurt your current self with unnecessary anxiety,tension and some stupid comments you see here in this community or internet. Whats wrong when you dont achieve that big streak. Just be normal dont take this big streak tension okay… your idea to no fap streak causes anxiety, tension to you…its unnecessary for you now. whats wrong with you, just go and check in hospital . you are medically alright. Even if you not, then also its not due to fapping. leave that shit. Come on bud, focus on what matters in life first. then you will be at ease.
Feel free to chat further. why you feel anxiety if you fap? whats that fear? why you feel shameful?


Hi Darshan, I have the same problem with yours, always feel anxoius in keeping relapsed. I wish we could help each other on becoming a better people instead of a community parasite.
You surely will be grateful to yourself on the decision to quit porn in future. Frankly speaking, it is a good sign that you are willing to start your journey on abstaining from porn addiction. The important thing is you should BELIEVE in yourself. YOU CAN do it! Cheers!


There are only three ways to deal with this porn shit…

  1. Repression
    The technique i mentioned above is of repression. Thats the most popular psychiatric technique

  2. Equanimity
    Equanimity can be achieved through deep meditation.

  3. Enjoying it (but not through fapping, but with your wife or gf)
    Enjoying it over and over and over again through sex meditatively. one day you will find sex is tiring and you leave it by yourself. Now your energy starts to move upwards and then you are meditating more and more and you feel soo much bliss in meditating.

Anyway you can choose according to your current situation. Many people cannot pick meditation at this point in their life thats why i advised him like that to repress. If he find happiness somewhere by various habits then he can slowly slowly reduce fapping. otherwise dont even think about it. you guys cannot.

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Thanks man
U knw the reason why i thought of taking pne day at a time is because i was just taking a cold bath and then i thought why dont people who have sex feel weaker after orgasm but while we feel (especially me) weaker after i fap??
I mean i do feel weak
Its coz of guilt which i have came to as conclusion
I still strongly believe fapping and watching porn is bad and causing me lots of problems like
I started to think wrong about girls when i used to meet them
I was dwelling into more harcore porn
But while im trying nofap i wouldn’t say i overcame all those unusual fantasies and hardcore porn but i havent exceeded any
Now whats causing me anxiety is
I like an idiot quit porn, mastrubation, youtube, games, anime and series all together and i have been trying to quit them for a long time
But succeeding at none
And everytime i play game for like 2 hr a day guilt kicks in that i wasted two hrs and i delete the game and i have downloaded the games and delete them the same day and i start feeling bad about myself that i wasted two hrs on games

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Plus i actually havent even if thought of keeping myself happy
Like i have been just focusing on disciplining myself through workout and i try meditation
When i mean i try i actually feel my brain just keeps wandering and its difficult to even focus for 5 mins
But since every says its important to meditate i just force myself to do it

Thanks a lot man
I too wish more power to you💜
And i pray that all of us acieve our desired goals soon

Basic laws of nature: (read only when you are little calm)
the more and more you dont want to do something, then you will find yourself more and more involved into it. That hate itself have such huge power to make you getting involved with it. You will again and again find your mind going into it. you cannot stop your mind, its impossible. so you fap again and again… then you hate even more…then again fap and then hate…cycle continues.

the more and more you like something you will find yourself more and more doing it. its natural due to its pleasantness you want it again and again.

whether you hate it or like it. your mind will be into the same pornography,adultury. If your mind is always there soo much clouded with sexual thoughts(whether hating sex or liking sex) then how you can come out of it?.. Naturally you choose pleasure then after enjoying you hate yourself(its your current habit pattern right now) and that habit pattern you have to change. You need to develop equanimity( that is not liking, not hating but simply witnessing, that witnessing helps you to understand the impermanance). I know i know meditation is harder at your age. But fortunately or for many people unfortunately meditation is the only way to develop equanimity. After developing this quality called equanimity you dont have any thoughts in your mind of liking or hating porn. it will subside and you are free of those thoughts. I know i look a different person talking from a different world or simply for some people and offcourse its true. you will understand what i am talking if you meditate more.

If meditation dont suits for you, then the key for you is repression. but this is not the best one to do. the more and more you repress you will be filled with those thoughts again and again like a massive shit. The thoughts of liking sex and the thoughts of hating sex will cloud your mind totally… its natural but you must focus on your work/goals. Sexual thoughts will be there , let it be. But you dont give any damn shit about it, just focus on your work or go out chill sometime if its too much. Then over time gradually if you dont give any shit to those thoughts of liking and hating thoughts of your mind but simply focusing on your work, then one day you will find yourself those sexual thoughts are reduced tremendously and now you are a very focused man in your career and achieving a lot of things. Now you repressed it successfully.

Good Luck


sexual thoughts will be there again and again . let it be. you just focus on work. your mind will tell to you i cannot focus. let that thought also be. you just focus on your work. you unconsiously start to fantasize. let it be… but patiently try to focus on your work again and again. over time your mind your mind will be in work. slowly slowly sexual thoughts will fade and work thoughts will be more.
you cannot expect it soon. until now this age you are like this. you mind is filled with games, sexual thoughts . knowingly or unknowingly you are responsible. you must try to focus on your work again and again okay. one day your mind will be totally into work

Its actually a bit confusing to understand what u said but here is what i understood do let me knw if im correct
Its like i should neither hate porn or mastrubation nor entertain those thoughts
If u relapse its just fine
Just leave it and carry on with my work
The only way i can overcome this is find something better, happier and purposeful due to which i no longer need to move towards those things

yess fine. try harder to focus on work again and again. relax when its necessary.
feel free to talk to me anytime.
all the best

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Frankly speaking its so hard to absorb so much of what u said
I give all of those a read and then will be back to you if needed
But thanks a lot :purple_heart:

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haha i know. thats okay. the more you talk with me you will

All the best on your journey of nofap😁

i dont have any journey with nofap. hehe. dont ask why i here. i have my reason that you will understand if you meditate deep enough. i am here to raise the repressed thoughts of mine , so that i meditate and recover from this addiction.
uff good night. hope you dont understand but dont mind. simply do what i said okay

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Many things just bounced over my head lets see how things go
Good night :sleeping::sleeping:

#1 day at a time success​:tada::tada::tada::tada: