0-5 days, recovery challenge Level: Easy

Back to 0 again.

Recovery is where I am always.

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The only way to get out of this. It’s with someone who can give you love and everything you deserve. She will be your p*** and not the online. However fighting single and without help of anybody on this, is impossible.

I’m sorry but you might not hear of me again once I have found a girl and is not lonely anymore. However I might never be back. Good journey to all. My mental health is in trouble I can’t fight I gotta be happy or I’ll die of depression if I don’t.

I wish to find that girl someday and be able to get away from this pain good bye.

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Hello guys I am so sorry its all my fault all my friends im sorry. You guys might be mad at me. I never wanted this but I have started to suffer from depression I had to take a break and I gotta get it away from me, this is how its been going for me. HOWEVER I AM NOT GIVING UP THIS TIME, AND I MEAN IT WITH ALL MY WILL AND POWER. WITH ALL MY DREAMS AND KNOWLEDGE, A CHANGE HAS STARTED:

My mental health has been a disaster. I eventually got addicted to energy drinks, my mind has been feeling sad and bad lately making me want to feel all that sadness. I have taken a test and I am assure I have depression. My anxiety skyrockets like everyday. I feel like I do something wrong. Why would I do this get back give up get back give up. I can’t give up. My favorite singer chester bennington, told a quote many years ago. He said:

“You can’t be afraid of people willing to hurt you, cause if you fear life, then you will never live”.

This quote has saved me and made me think. My mental health got bad. Because of many events between me vs lgbtq. They got worse once I found out my ex is now lesbian and someone I always loved rejected me when I tried my hardest to get her. She ended up with a trans. It all happened on vacation and once I got back my mental health worsened. I am doing bad at math and worried about it, I shouldn’t. My mom pushing me to get a job. It’s hurting me. This have all been going to me.

Thanks to chester bennington his own words saved me from almost going insane like he did. And I might end up suiciding some years later. I can’t do that. I know god is watching me and tries to make all the better for me. So I am back. This time I will change for real. This time is no more playing games. I will now achieve over 30 days, and live happily. Also girls hah they will come their way and if they don’t who cares. Gotta be happy than being sad all the time…


No-fap start. A new beggining. Its time to do all I lost.

Day 1 no-fap challenge. It’s been great. No urges have come up to haunt me. The only thing that haunted me was scary videos that I love and went away when I played the games I love.

Been failing on a game so much that I got so mad. Nowadays I’ve been doing like a pro, there is no fps problems and the internet goes great.

Today I will begin a easy workout of only 5 minutes until I get to 2 hours, and keep going to lose weight. I’m doing this so my legs can have a normal exercise and not hurt after working out…

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Hey your back welcome.

Sorry for saying those things too as you may know I fell into a big depression and almost fail sorry.

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No worries Brother It Happens We Understand :upside_down_face:

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Thank you bro :sunglasses:. Yes sir.

Day 2 no-fap last recovery day. It’s finally time to get out of here until I relapse again or even better never.

Add me .I m nofaplegend96 my code is bail3z.Now my streak is 0 days

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No worries. I will add you right now.

Yo nice you finally are out of recovery challenge congratulations. Now you can talk here and keep going on no-fap.

It’s done, welcome to the fight.

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Day 3 no-fap challenge. I am currently out of this challenge once again. I will be talking here and give motivation. Let’s get stronger, and be able to pass 30 days.

The mind is your enemy, those dumb people have it far better since they can’t think. Don’t take your mind negatively but positively. You have a power not a disability, you got this:.

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Nice one guys keep fighting your doing greatm

“Failure has made me so strong, I remember wanting to quit until I did and got back, thanks to that my power is stronger and I don’t want to quit”.

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